Dear Friend! 

If you are looking for a great gift idea, consider giving a dance lesson which is such a cool memorable experience!

We are offering single class and package options for Couples, Singles and Moms and Dads, - you name it, - we have it! Remember, everyone can benefit from dance teacher inspiration and feel-good experience!

One of our of all-time favorite experience gifts that we have given is a series of classes with a pair of dance shoes option. It is something you never know if you need or want, but it is such a big difference in a persons life. Gifting someone a class or a workshop is gifting them knowledge and skills. What could be a more valuable gift? The options are endless here from group classes to private dance classes. Try to choose a skill that they’ve been saying they’ve been wanted to pick up, something that will improve a current situation in their life or something that you know they will love if you know them well enough.

Giving the gift of service is always a wonderful experience gift idea! Think of something the person needs and would appreciate but wouldn’t pay for themselves. It could be a dance teacher coming to their house and surprise them for their birthday or a dance party service, or a monthly subscription for the dance. They will be so grateful for you for a long time to come!