Wedding Dance Choreography

17 October 2019

Congratulations to getting married!

Are you ready for a wedding dance? [Are you] Considering performing a wedding dance with a choreography? If that is a case, you probably have those What When and How questions that we will try to answer below.

When is a good time to start preparing for a wedding dance? – the majority of students are finding starting early enough helpful to learn and polish the choreography. Most couples begin the practice 3 to 4 months in advance, and there are some that begin a year ahead, and there are also those who master the dance in a few week/day time! For each of these groups, we have separate lesson plans that help in achieving the goal, - it is never too late!

The “What” question looks at a music selection and the accompanying choreography. If you know the music, then the professional choreographer will help you develop the moves and practice them. If you just decided to look for music options with the dance professional, we are here to help. Our team of dance practitioners and choreographers will help with the selection of music and a buildup of the choreography.

How to prepare for your first dance? You can start with a choice of music or the dance(s) – pick 3 or 4 to start with. The most couples normally consider selecting Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Salsa and Swing as practice dances as they are fun dances. The dances help them get the rhythm for a dance in general, and they also serve as a building block in planning the choreography. It may take somewhere between 5 and 25 lessons to master the dance skills, learn the choreography and practicing communication, - the more you practice, the better you look on a dance floor, and the better you will be remembered on the Big Day event!

The number one request from our couples is "please make us look natural" and natural means just well-rehearsed moves. We recommend upon completion of your 5th or 7th lesson to rehearse in a small audience.

As a good practice option, consider finding a public place and the audience for a rehearsal. Ask your family or friends to be that audience, put the music and start the dance, - getting accustomed dancing in a public space with the audience will help to build the needed confidence.

Check out the following video to learn about coordination, partnership, style, and what to wear! Learn what a muscle memory is and how it helps to perform well on a dance floor.



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