Ballroom dance program for children of age of 5 and up. We offer dance program specifically designed for children. By taking dance lessons children learn how to express themselves, make friends, and it is very good for their physical development. Ballroom Dancing is graceful and beautiful, it has positive effect on posture and overall health. Positive in all the aspects of life, dancing teach children to adapt to any environment, makes them focussed and dedicated to the hobby they choose, and use free time to improve their skills. We will give them strong foundation of the Ballroom dance. Starting with the basic steps and ideas, learning how to communicate with the partner on the dance floor in dances like; Waltz Tango Foxtrot Cha cha Rumba Swing Mambo To some better results, in addition, we recommend cross training: ballet and elements of Yoga. We provide classes of Ballet and Flexibility training. We achieved best results in the past, because kids enjoy dance class. We apply creativity and fun to our teaching methods, it is inspiring to any age, students learn fast. In result they develop correct posture natural movement and great habits for life. With our program your children can be successful dancers, healthy people, or take it in any direction of life it will be useful. Our dance program has different levels and programs, we are leading you to check out from beginners program to advance level. If desired to qualify for dancesport in dancing, is necessary to continue practice and use cross training program (Ballet and yoga). Recommended group class 1 hour, and private lesson 45 min. And remember, dancing is great social skill, very useful in future life as an adults. See you on the dance floor.